Get together a group of family and friends and celebrate your next special occasion at Peppermint Ridge Farm!

Organise your own workshop or foodie event. Choose from our selection of workshops including Organic Vegetable Growing, Native Foods for your Backyard, or a Native Creative Cooking School class. We can help organise that special occasion for you. Contact us for further ideas, details and a quote.


Organic Vegetable Growing 

Discover the secrets of creating and maintaining a flourishing no dig vegetable garden and learn how to make the ingenious wicking garden. You will learn how easy it is to incorporate native foods into your garden design too. Topics include soil health, wicking beds, compost and pest control.


Native Foods for the Backyard

Peppermint Ridge has been trialing bush food plants for over 15 years. Class features cooking demonstrations and a workshop on growing and using Australian spices and how to design your own garden. Learn about the exciting new research showing the huge health benefits of our native foods. Includes a tour of the Australian Native Food Garden.

cooking image

Native Pantry Cooking Class

Our popular cooking classes showcase the sensational flavours of Australian native foods and show how easy it is to add them your own cooking. Learn how to create unique dishes with Julie's new recipes.

Peppermint Ridge Farm Tour

Tours of our Native Food Garden

Discover Australia's native foods and learn about their traditional uses, health benefits, and more. This hands on tour includes native tea infusion tastings.

living heritage centre

Tours of the Living Heritage Centre

Learn about Australia’s environmental history and the changing approaches to land management. The ancient Greek legend of Cornucopia is woven into the tour to illustrate how we have regarded nature as a source of endless bounty. The tour outlines the consequences of this interpretation and the need for us to rethink our relationship with our unique environment.