Menu Inspiration

Here are some of the dishes we serve at our Tour & Taste events. Our produce is seasonal so menu items are always changing.


House made, cold fermented native thyme sourdough bread made with Tuerong flour (V)

Finger lime and native celery seed dukkah. (V/GF)

Native Creative Hummus with lemon myrtle and mountain pepper. Native celery sticks. (V,DF)

Warrigal Greens and ricotta cheese crispy pastry with river mint and native celery seed topping. Anise myrtle and blood plum chutney. (V) 


Steam grilled free range chicken marinated in lemon myrtle and mountain pepper, wrapped in proscuito and dressed with warrigal greens pesto. (GF)


Eggplant slices filled with ricotta and baked with strawberry gum sugo, topped with pecorino cheese.

Warrigal greens ricotta gnocchi baked with strawberry gum infused tomato sugo. (V)


Slow cooked beef cheek with anise myrtle on a bed of hummus. (GF)

Mains served with a fresh garden salad of zucchini and cucumber with native tamarind and native ginger dressing.

Slow baked beef cheeks with anise myrtle on a bed of hummus.


House made ice cream- strawberry gum or anise myrtle served with a compote of cherries and red currants. (GF)

Roasted blood plum and anise myrtle sorbet. (GF/DF)

Finger lime curd tart served with strawberry gum cream.

Dark chocolate and prune cake with liquer prunes with strawberry gum cream. (GF)