Mountain Pepper – unsexed (Tasmannia lanceolata) $20

$15.00 (incl. GST)

Mountain Pepper plants in 14cm pots. Use the leaves for a delicious pepper flavour. Farm pick up or courier around Victoria only. Contact us to organise.

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Seed grown plants ready now for $20, in 14cm pots.  The Mountain Pepper leaves contain more of the hot pepper oil polygodial and more of the health benefits than the berries which are borne on the female plant. Purchase 3 or more to increase the chances of getting both sexes. Plants can be picked up at the farm or couriered around Victoria only. Call 03 59428580 or email to arrange.

Culinary tip: chop the fresh leaves finely and add to any dish to give a pepper zing.

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Unsexed, Male, Female


14cm pot, Tube