Tour & Taste Menu Sample

Each Tour and Taste event will feature a set menu designed around our latest harvest and will include some of the dishes below:


House made, cold fermented native thyme sourdough bread, with mountain pepper spiced butter and our native creative Dukkah.

Crispy filo pastries featuring warrigal greens, native herbs, ricotta and feta cheeses.

Zucchini and goats cheese clafoutis with native thyme and Croatian Ajvar sauce.

Warrigal greens pesto with lemon myrtle, macadamia nut and mountain pepper.


Chicken fillet marinated in lemon myrtle and mountain pepper, wrapped in prosciutto, steam grilled and topped with a red currant glaze and served with strawberry gum and tomato sauce.

Beef cheeks slow cooked with anise myrtle served on a bed of hummus with mountain pepper and lemon myrtle.

Eggplant rolls – eggplant slices stuffed with warrigal greens, ricotta cheese and native herbs and baked in a strawberry gum sugo topped with mozzarella and pecorino cheeses.

Ricotta cheese and native spinach gnocchi baked in a strawberry gum tomato sugo.

Vegetarian Quiche Lorraine featuring warrigal greens and mushrooms with a strawberry gum and tomato sauce.

Mains served with a range of the following:

  • Fresh garden salad with native tamarind dressing
  • ¬†House made pickles and fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Garden salad with mountain pepper berry and lemon myrtle dressing.


Mini pavlova with strawberry gum cream, mango, red currants and kiwi fruit.

Finger Lime Tart


House made ice creams – Anise Myrtle, Strawberry Gum

Roast blood plum sorbet

Christmas ginger bread anise myrtle ice cream sandwich.

Anise myrtle and roast fig ice cream topped with seasonal fruit.

Finger lime curd meringue topped with an apple granita.

River mint pannacotta with poached tamarillo and berries

Chocolate and date brownie with poached tamarillo and berries.

All desserts served with strawberry gum cream